Manhole Brace Frames

Manhole Brace FrameShore and Pour offer a range of Double Acting Manhole Braces.

Three sizes of leg cover sizes from 2.0m to 5.1m, and can be combined to provide both square and rectangular excavations. In square format, they are suitable for manholes, soakaways, and spherical tanks. In rectangular format, they are suitable for interceptors, septic tanks, fuel tanks etc.

All legs have the following features :-

Brace Frame AssemblyThe legs are extended using a double acting pump and two hoses. Fluid is pumped on both up and down strokes of the handle to make the extension or retraction faster. The hoses and legs are fitted with a combination of male and female couplers which ensure that the connections are always the correct way around. It also means that hoses can be simply connected end to end to allow the pump to be used from ground level on deeper excavations as required. Both hoses from the pump are connected to each leg in turn, as shown in the picture.

The hydraulic fluid used is a water miscible mineral oil, developed for the coal industry to provide both lubrication and corrosion protection. It is supplied ready to use in the pump, and in 5 litre containers.

The full Brace specifications are shown in the table below:-


Leg Type Min Ext. (m) Max Ext. (m) Stroke (m) Leg Weight (m) SWL at Max Ext. (kN/m)
A+ 2.0 3.1 1.1 240 65.00
B+ 3.0 4.1 1.1 270 41.00
C+ 4.0 5.1 1.1 320 25.00


A free design and advisory service is available for the use of this equipment, and printed calculation results can be supplied on request.


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