Manhole Shutters

Shore and Pour supply a modular system of steel panel shutters. Combinations of two panel widths ('Type A' and 'Type B') cover the range of standard manhole rings from 675mm to 2700mm in diameter. The panels are colour coded for ease of use. 150mm of concrete cover is provided in the standard combinations shown in the table below, but other thicknesses can be provided on request.

Panel heights of 900mm and 1800mm are available.



'Type A' panels are 1276mm and 'Type B' are 1030mm. The basic dimensions and standard combinations are shown below. For non standard sizes and allowances for greater thicknesses of cover, please contact us.


Nominal ring diameter 'X' (mm) Number of sections required Ring wall thickness 'Y' (mm) External concrete diameter 'Z' (mm) Manhole box size to suit ring diameter (m)
  Type A Type B      
675 2 1 65 1140 2.5
900 1 3 75 1390 2.5
1050 3 1 85 1546 2.5
1200 1 4 100 1718 2.5
1350 3 2 112 1874 3.0
1500 5 0 115 2030 3.0
1800 5 1 115 2360 3.0
2100 5 2 120 2686 3.0
2400 5 3 135 3015 4.0
2700 5 4 162 3342 4.0


Dimensions are based on rings made to BS 5911, and the number of sections give a minimum cover of 150mm.

The suggested manhole box sizes are based on allowing space for a ladder and access to strike the shutter panels. If space is tight, a smaller box may be used with the struts extended to provide access on one end only - consult us for advice on this.

Larger and non-standard sizes can be accommodated - consult us for the combination of sections required.

For sizes of 2400mm and larger, it is recommended that support is provided for the joints. This can be done by propping, or by banding the assembly with straps. Care should also be taken with the rate of pour as high rates considerably increase the loads on the pins and wedges.


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