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GDPR, that's what's new and what a royal pain in the ..... it is for companies that do not want to bombard you with emails or have an agenda to profit from your details, like our good selves. However, I guess that you have to have a pretty wide net to make sure none of the bad guys slip through so here is our own modest Privacy Policy to keep us compliant.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force as of(25th May 2018.

 Shore and Pour Ltd would like to advise our position with reference to your Data, how it is stored and how we use it.

For our customers and suppliers, we hold your Company name and address  details,  your  bank details if appropriate, and contact details in the form of telephone numbers and email addresses.

These details have been provided by yourselves and are necessary to enable us to trade with you.

We take privacy seriously and will only use this Data to administer your account and use your bank details to arrange payments for your invoices.

We do not share data with third parties unless required by law or in accordance with your specific instruction.

Your data is stored securely within our computer system, and  paper records. It is protected using two levels of antivirus and malware software,  and Firewalls. The paper records are held in a locked environment when the office is unmanned.

At the conclusion of our engagement, data will be preserved and retained by us, in accordance with legal requirements for as long as we consider that it is in either your or our interests to do so.

Data destruction is carried out in a secure manner.

If you have any queries relating to your personal data, please contact us.

Construction Plant-Hire Association:

Shore and Pour are pleased to be a member of the Shoring Technology Interest Group (STIG) under the auspices of the Construction Plant-Hire Association (CPA). The group consists of shoring equipment suppliers who meet on a regular basis to discuss shoring issues and to produce guidance for users of their equipment. This ranges from the comprehensive Shoring Manual and the newer Management of Shoring (still in development) to technical information notes (TINs) on a range of specific topics. The aim is to ensure that advice on best practice is available to everyone who is involved in excavation work with the hope that this will make the industry safer.

The list of publications, most of which can be downloaded, is available on the STIG pages of the CPA website.

Special Offer:

At the moment, there is a fantastic offer for the Shoring Manual which is reduced from 25 quid to a mere Tenner! What better way to spend your evenings? Seriously, it's a good publication, and very good value - just get along to the CPA website - , and order your copy now.


A Little Light Relief

Here's an interesting alternative to the very expensive driving hammers and completely does away with the need for connecting hydraulics, taking off buckets etc.

New South-Asian construction process

Shore and Pour have no current plans to supply this system but if demand is high enough .............................

















Members of the Construction Plant-hire Association


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