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Trench BoxPanels

Shore and Pour offer two sizes of Trench Box panel:-

Both panels are used with adjustable standard struts and fixed extensions to give internal widths from 550mm to 4000mm. The adjustment ranges are shown in table 2. Struts are of the spindle type with an internal protected thread. Connections are of a simple pin / clip arrangement, allowing speedy assembly of the box on site.


  Mini Box Standard Box
Panel Length (m) 3 3.5
Panel height (m) 2 2.6
Panel Thickness (mm) 60 100
Panel Weight (kgs) 435 920
Clearance between struts (m) 2.55 3.1
Clearance under struts (m) 1.20 1.55
Load Capacity (kN/m2) 35.4 44.2
Trench Box Weight for 1.0m internal (kgs) 1130 2100


These trench boxes are designed to be installed using the 'dig and push' method. The excavator digs between the box panels and pushes down on the corners, in turn, to lower the box as the excavation proceeds. They are not designed to be pulled along, and should be 'leap-frogged' as the trench progresses. Top extensions should be connected when the top of the base is just above ground level to allow safe access to the fixing points. To offset the effect of ground pressure pushing the bottom of the panels in, the struts should be set to 'toe-out' the panels by 50-70mm.


We offer a range of struts and accessories as below:-

The table below shows the adjustment ranges of the struts. These are increased by adding 300mm, 500mm, 1000mm and 1500mm extensions alone or in combination to achieve the required range. Trench Box widths up to four metres can be achieved.


  Internal (mm) External (mm)
    Mini Box Standard Box
  Min Max Min Max Min Max
280mm Fixed 550 550 670 670 750 750
380mm Fixed 650 650 770 770 850 850
Type A Strut 530 730 650 850
Type B Strut 720 1070 840 1420
Mini Spindle 680 780 800 900 880 980
Midi Spindle 780 960 900 1080 980 1160
Maxi Spindle 950 1260 1070 1380 1150 1460


† The Type A and B struts cannot be used with the Standard Trench Box.


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