Trench Sheets

Trench SheetsShore and Pour stock the British Steel Standard Lap Trench Sheet. This has an effective width of 330mm, and therefore requires 3 sheets per linear metre of support.

Sheets are available from 2.5m to 5.0m long in half metre increments.

Other profiles can be obtained, but are not held in stock. If you have a requirement for another type of sheet, or for piling sections, please ask as we are always happy to quote.

Sheet Installation

While Shore and Pour can supply a Driving Cap to suit the lap sheet (see the Accessories page), you may wish to use a Piling Hammer. We do not supply these, but we know a man who does. Contact Aldridge Piling Equipment on 01543 - 277680 who will be pleased to advise you on your requirements.

Plastic Piles

A more recent development in the field of Trench Sheeting is the Plastic Pile. Shore and Pour do not stock these but, believe it or not, the same man who can supply you with a Piling Hammer does! Go to the Aldridge Piling website at to see the range of available sections.


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